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Swagger is a specification and complete framework implementation for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services.

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Creating a REST interface to manage data between salesforce and other systems can be tough. Using Swagger you can create a visual REST interface to your Salesforce data. This provides the ability for developers and QA to develop and customers to consume your service end points.

Start visualizing your Force.com RESTful services.


Describing your end point providing contextual metadata on what the purpose is of the service end point. How providing an interface to enter request parameters or provide the structure of the accepted JSON. After the service end point has been invoked output will be in the specified format.This provides a easier way to develop, test and document your service end points.

Consuming and Producing

Consuming of services through the visual interface takes the time to run command line, provides output in an easy to read format, provide error codes and possible descriptions on what the may mean. Producing of services is easy through the use of Swagger specific annotations you can create your service end point documentation in minutes.


The visualizing of service end point provides an great overview of all the service end points, all the services requests per end point and also metadata about service each end points.